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UET control engineers designs and builds the right system for you. Everything from a single stand-alone control scheme to a complete automated control system that can monitor and control your whole facility. Our control systems are primarily designed for industrial refrigeration (ammonia) facilities, however the control system capabilities are fully capable of controlling lighting, HVAC, boilers, production equipment and many other facets within the facility.
Significant energy savings are realized through efficient machine operation and the ability to properly monitor and control pressures, temperatures, electrical usage and more. History logging provides a means to plan for continued and increased savings in the future.
We have an impressive list of satisfied customers who can attest to significant bottom line dollar savings and reasonable payback periods. These savings are achieved by monitoring and controlling the refrigeration and production equipment to maximize efficiency. Reduced run times, shortened defrost cycles, electrical demand capping, temperature and pressure control and off-hour setbacks are just a few of the ways you will reduce cost and optimize your facility.

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